We are a collective of like minded creatives, researchers and strategists passionate about addressing the social challenges of the future.


Our Approach

Through an interdisciplinary practice in design, art and research, we conduct social experiments through cultural activations, events and installations. Using a human centered design approach, our research is used to inform, inspire and design solutions that create a better future. 


Using a human centered design approach we conduct research before our events, helping us frame the problem by gaining a full understanding of the questions, scope, and overall context.

– Desktop Research

– Stakeholder Interviews

– Qualitative Research

Creative Practice

We design and curate events, activations and installations that integrate culture, art and design to foster human connection and provide multi-sensory immersive experiences. 

– Conceptual Ideation

– Art & Design Experimentation

– Creative Direction

– Spatial / Experiential Design

– Artistic Direction & Curation

Social Experiment

Applying principles of social research methodology, we use these immersive experiences to conduct experimental analysis of the audience as they engage and interact with the work.

– Observations

– User Testing

– Customer Experience

– Qualitative Research

– Data Collection

Future Insights

The research findings are used to provide real-time insights on human psychology, engagement and behaviour in relation to the activation and installation theme. The research is used to inform, inspire and design solutions that create a better future. 

– Tailored insights

– Future Forecast Reports

– Strategy

– Conceptual Ideas

– Future Forecast Presentations


Who We Work With 



We provide playgrounds for business to better understand their customers so they can deliver more enriching and satisfying experiences, products and services.

– Brands

– Retailers

– Place-makers


Public Sector

We create public art and cultural experiences that simultaneously provide insights to inform future public design and services whilst providing entertainment and cultural enrichment.

– Art & Cultural Institutions

– State & Local Governing Bodies

– City Events & Programs


As our world becomes increasingly digitalised, people crave physical experiences more than ever. Physical experiences that can be both culturally enriching and entertaining are the commodity of the future. 

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